Pricing for 2023

Ebook Cover - Main line

Lead Designers $599

Jay and Clarissa have worked on many bestsellers and will work together to create the perfect cover for you.

Junior Designer $449 (On HiATUS)

Fiona Warner is the new addition to the team. Her work will still be edited by the lead designers, and if you do take a chance with her you will get a discounted price.


1 eBook cover delivered upon agreed timing

Black and white initial mock up (1 major revision)

Up to 2 minor revision on colored cover

Stock images supplied

Optional concept discussion through video call

1 character maximum

Additional Character*
Additional Revisions
To be discussed
Paperback cover
Hardback cover
Audiobook cover
Wide (extended) artwork
Title Page
Author logo and branding (per brand)
*if stock is provided by the client, there will be no charges for additional characters.

Add on – Media Branding Package(Per Book) $149

This is an example of what we can provide. We will create specific versions such as different Facebook, Instagram banners or quotes upon request (max 6).

*Includes a wide extended artwork


Before contacting us, look at our previous work to get an idea of the type of creative work you can expect from us. Set a deadline for the project to be finished. We make every effort to obtain what you require, but we cannot read your mind! Design is a collaborative approach. 

The more details you supply, the more we’ll be able to tailor our designs to your needs. Tell us if you’re stumped as to why it’s not working for you.

Communication is essential, and the more input you give, the better the product we will be able to create for you.

We offer various ways of communication because we believe understanding each other is key to a great design that works for you.

You can message us via FB messenger, or email. If you need better clarification, we will also schedule video calls and go into more detail with share screen.

All projects are booked months in advance and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Each designer accepts a limited number of slots each month to maximize our creativity. If you are interested, please contact us by email or fill out our booking form.

We are usually available Monday to Fridays and will answer emails, then. We do take time off during the weekends and will not be available then. 

We don’t believe in letting anyone down with any kind of hidden costs. Prior to the commencement of any project, we make it a point to be completely upfront with our clients, itemizing all costs.

Any changes and revisions are communicated to you. Work will only move forward after you have agreed to any changes.

Yes, after you approved our proposal document we will invoice you 10% of the total amount of the project.

We do not start the design process until this deposit has been done. This deposit is not refundable.

Our wait time varies, but once we get started on the project, you should receive your rough black and white within 2 business days.

The black and white rough is to ensure the right elements are committed to before we spend more hours finishing off your cover. This helps both parties to prevent investing too much into a design that is not working. 

The polish stage should take another 2 days, and finalization will depend on how many changes the client requires. 

Yes, we expect changes on our designs. View our process to understand how we deal with them. 

Every project starts with a thorough review of the project’s details with the client. The creative brief is what we use to define the specific needs. We feel that client involvement is critical to the project’s success. We start working on the project by producing ideas after we’ve set the brief. The client is then given the design graphics for feedback.

We pay close attention to customer comments and respond with solutions and assistance to any problems that may emerge. Any necessary modifications are performed, and the client gets resent the revised graphic.

You will receive your compressed design files via email or an external file sharing service.

As in most cases, we retain the copyright over the work as artists. However, we surrender exclusive rights of the image as soon as the design is finalized with us. The commissioner will be able to reproduce as many copies of the artwork as they need, in multiple formats, as long as the usage complies with the T&Cs of the stock sites we use (Shutterstock and DepositPhotos).


If you would like us to surrender full rights, we will need to write that in a contract, and we’ll charge an additional fee for that.

Do you have any more questions? We’d love to hear from you.

Email us and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 days.